With a width of 2600 mm, the printing machine Teleios XL will take place between popular models Teleios Black ( 1830 mm ) and Grande ( 3300 mm). The printer is aimed primarily at the market of advertising and promotional printing, allowing up to 120 m2 sealed polyester fabric per hour and comparing favorably to most competing solutions print quality and environmental friendliness. The latter quality allows the use of sealed on Teleios XL products including interior and advertising, which is not recommended in the case of the use of vinyl materials and categorically impossible with solvent printing technology.

  • LATEST RICOH PRINTHEADS | Thanks to the GEN5 printheads, recognized as a global leading technology for textile printing, Teleios G5 provides a 600dpi resolution with true greyscale. The latest version of the printhead comes with 1.280 nozzles per color and full greyscale, which enables printing speeds up to 185 sqm/hr. Also the smaller version Teleios XL2600 is powered by the same state-of-the-art technology and can produce up to 150 sqm/hr.
  • FABRIC & INK-FEEDING SYSTEMS. d.gen's unique textile feeding system allows direct printing on most of woven fabrics like flag, display material and the new d.gen power stretch. The optional BIS-5000 ink-feeding system with a 2 Kgs ink-pouch for each color enables to refill inks while printing without staining your hands.
  • BIS-5000 ink feeding system (option) This easy-to-use 5kg per color large capacity ink feeding system is an open ink system, which allows a stable and continous ink feeding, even able to refill ink while printing.
  • HEAVY-DUTY HEATING UNIT. The optional HeatMan Grande unit allows high speed heat-fixation and curing of dispersed dye and pigment inks. It automatically controls speed and temperature (from 80 to 220 °C) and can handle up to 80-100 linear meters/hour of printed fabrics.
  • Maximum Printing width : 2,600 mm
  • Printing Method : Piezo inkjet (Ricoh GEN5)
  • Maximum Resolution : 1200 dpi
  • External shape : 4,900 (W) X 1,200 (D) X 1,750 (H) mm