The D-Gen Teleios Digital Textile Printers are known as the most widely used in the soft-signage market. An advanced ink penetration system allows for vibrant and life-like colours without the need for any additional paper or water. The Teleios 74/v8 combined with D-Gen inks produces eye-catching colours like rich reds and deep blacks. The ink has the ability of reproducing the same level of colour on either side, which makes it perfect for flags, banners, fashion and homeware decorations.

  • Ricoh’s GEN5/GEN4L print head
    In addition to GEN4L print head, which is professionally used for textile printer, Teleios Grande G5 is equipped with the latest print head which provides high resolution of 600dpi with true grey scale.
  • HeatMAN
    It allows high speed heat-fixation and curing of disperse dye and pigment ink. It automatically controls speed and temperature 80~220°C and can handle 80~100 linear m/ hr.
  • Patented Textile Feeding System
    d.gen’s unique textile feeding system allows direct printing on most of woven fabrics like flag, display material and the new d.gen power stretch.
  • BIS-5000 ink feeding system
    This easy-to-use 5kg per color large capacity ink feeding system is an open ink system, which allows a stable and continous ink feeding, even able to refill ink while printing.

Teleios, expand your business, increase your profit

  • Teleios invites you to the fabric world of more than 100 solutions
  • Soft-signage on Textile
  • With disperse dye ink and textile pigment ink Teleios covers ultimate range of applications
  • Easy to print textile just like printing paper
  • Soft-signage for in-door / out-door
  • High quality printing featuring eye-catching colors
Setup Space
  • Maximum Printing width : 1,800 mm
  • Printing Method : Piezo inkjet
  • Maximum Resolution : 1,440dpi
  • External shape : 2,700 (W) X 1,300 (D) X 1,400 (H) mm
  • Power :
    Printer : AC 220-240V, 3.6A, 50/60Hz
    Heat Fixation Unit & Others : AC 380V, 3phase 3N+PE, 15A, 50/60Hz
Printing Speed
2 pass 64 m²/h
4 pass 32 m²/h
6 pass 21 m²/h
8 pass 16 m²/h